debt-quotes-our-debt-to-the-heroic-men-and-valiant-women-in-the-service-of-our-country-can-never-be-repaid-they-have-earned-our-undying-gratitude-america-will-never-forget-their-sacrifices-presi.jpgForward this Picture

I love these words from Harry S. Truman. He said it best, and we should all take these words to heart. I think we take a lot for granted on a daily basis. I know I do! I get so caught up in the daily routine of life, that I don’t even think to remember of the sacrifices that have been made so that my biggest worry is dropping off and picking up my son from school every day.

I know that there is a lot of political drama out there right now. But, let us put it aside for this one day to honor all the Veterans who have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much to protect this great country and everything that it stands for. Let us stand together today, and every day and work towards positive change for the future. 

I am grateful for all of my friends and family who have courageously served their country. And I’m grateful for a day off to spend with my sweet kids and teach them the importance of this day. 

So, go hug a veteran today! Buy them a meal. Say thank you. Teach your kids to respect their sacrifices and honor their memory. 

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