My favorite catalog of the year is the Pottery Barn Kids Holiday Edition. I look forward to it every year. This year’s Thanksgiving inspiration included this great craft paper table runner. But at $15 + shipping, didn’t seem like the best deal ever. So when I saw a roll of craft paper and packs of Thanksgiving stamps in the One Spot at Target, it seemed like fate that I should just make my own.img_6816

I’m doing preschool at home with my little girl, and this was a fun activity for her to help me with. I simply rolled the craft paper out, did a quick demonstration on how to use stamps, and let her have at it! I could’ve gotten some cuter stamps, but I wanted to keep the project thrifty. 
img_6818 img_6821 img_6828

This was such a quick and easy little project, and fun for little hands to help with! I am excited for us to write our blessings down on Thanksgiving!

What’s the easiest copy-cat craft you’ve ever made?

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