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Summer vacation is nearly here! It’s officially less than 2 weeks until James gets out of school and to say I’m excited is a serious understatement. I love summer. The smell of sunscreen and pool on your skin, open windows in the mornings and evenings, sidewalk chalk, sand castles, library reading programs, family adventures, ice cold watermelon, sleeping in, staying up late, afternoon naps, fireworks, and being with my kids 24/7. The saddest part of summer is that it’s only two months long instead of the three it used to be.

Because I have a toddler, I tend to be pretty routine-oriented right now. As a result I have come up with a summer routine that includes sleeping in, yoga, homework, daily tasks, free time, reading time, and at least one fun activity every day. I also found this great resource from for at-home summer camp! We will be doing one of these fun “camps” each week, and I’m really excited!

I’ve compiled our summer bucket list and am excited to share it with you today!

  1. Build a Blanket Fort
  2. Blow Bubbles & Play with Sidewalk Chalk
  3. Make a Father’s Day Craft
  4. Have a Picnic at the Park
  5. Plant Some Seeds & Watch them Grow
  6. Sign up for & Participate in a Library Reading Program
  7. Build a Sand Castle at the Beach
  8. Make Homemade Ice-Cream
  9. Make a Pinterest Craft
  10. Prepare a Fun Snack and Play Board Games
  11. Pop Popcorn and Watch a Movie
  12. Make Popscicles
  13. Go Swimming
  14. Go Camping
  15. Visit a Splash Pad
  16. Go Play at the Park
  17. Make Crafts from Sea Shells
  18. Make a Fun Recipe (we are making Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Bananas)
  19. Put Together a Puzzle
  20. Have a Backyard BBQ
  21. Dino Camp
  22. Space Camp
  23. Lego Camp
  24. Ocean Camp
  25. Bugs & Butterfly Camp
  26. Rainforest Camp
  27. Magic Camp
  28. Science Camp
  29. Make Homemade Personal Pizzas
  30. Go to a Scenic Place and Paint on Canvases
  31. Cake Decorating Contest
  32. Fly a Kite
  33. Make Mini Pies and Have a Pie Eating Contest
  34. Make Puppets and Put on a Puppet Show
  35. Visit a Local Factory and Go on a Tour (we are going to It’s-It and the Jelly Belly Factory!)
  36. Take some treats to the Drive-In Movies
  37. Set up a Treasure Hunt
  38. Family Fondue Night
  39. Have a Luau
  40. Make Paper Airplanes and Have a Contest 
  41. Play Hide & Seek
  42. Make Cereal Necklaces
  43. Write Letters to Family and Friends
  44. Have a Lincoln Log Building Challenge
  45. Make and Can Homemade Jam
  46. Go Back to School Shopping
  47. Visit a Museum
  48. Visit the Zoo
  49. Take a Roadtrip
  50. Learn a new Sport (we are going to play Tennis!)
  51. Make homemade Play-doh
  52. Make Fresh Lemonade and Share it or Sell it!
  53. Go for a Hike
  54. Feed some Ducks
  55. Host a Play Date
  56. Go Geocaching 
  57. Make a Race Course from Toilet Paper Tubes
  58. Attend a Sporting Event
  59. Have a Dance Party
  60. Attend a Local Story Time
  61. Attend a Festival (we are going to a Scottish Festival!)
  62. Visit a Pet Store

And as an added bonus, here are our Bay Area Summer Bucket List Items:

  • California Academy of Sciences (next FREE day is June 5th!)
  • Hike at Castle Rock State Park
  • NASA Research Center
  • Visit Almaden Quicksilver Mine
  • Visit a Lighthouse (or 4!)
  • Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto
  • Muir Woods

What are your summer plans?

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