Spring is one of my favorite times of year. I love the beginning of warm weather, beautiful flowers, and spending time outdoors.  It’s also one of the two times a year when I de-clutter and clean everything we own. Today I’m sharing my Spring Cleaning checklist and a few of my favorite cleaning tips & tricks to make Spring cleaning a breeze.  Need some help getting motivated? I’ll be starting my Spring Cleaning on Monday, catch me on Instagram to follow along!

One Room a Day

If you pace your cleaning to just one room per day, you’ll be done in about a week to ten days, depending on the size of your house. I like to do all the bathrooms on the same day. If you clean just one room per day, you aren’t overdoing it, and won’t get overwhelmed with the task.  I like to first take everything out and go through it, then put everything back that doesn’t make it to the garbage, and then clean. Having a plan in place keeps you focused, so whatever your plan is, stick to it!


When my oldest was a baby, I became very concerned with harsh chemicals and started trying out some safer alternatives.  To my amazement, vinegar replaced almost every cleaner I ever used! It’s my absolute favorite cleaner, and while the smell really used to bug me, I have gotten used to it.  Important: Never mix bleach and vinegar!

  • All-Purpose Cleaner.  To clean and sanitize with vinegar, you need to find 4% potency or more. Good news for you, Costco vinegar is 4% and cheap! While other all purpose cleaners can leave streaks on glass and granite, vinegar shines everything up and leaves NO STREAKING on anything.  It cleans and shines up stainless steel, glass, granite. It sanitizes and removes bad odor (after it dries and it’s own bad odor fades). It’s my absolute favorite cleaner.  So go fill up an empty spray bottle with vinegar and get cleaning!
  • Faucets. To remove hard water calcification from your shower heads and faucets, pour some vinegar in a sandwich bag and use a rubber band to hold it in a place. Leave for an hour or two, remove, and wipe away the calcification. Hello, water pressure!
  • Shower Cleaner. Mix one part vinegar and one part Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle.  Slightly shake to mix, then spray the entire shower with the mixture. Let sit for one hour, then go wipe it down.  Best shower cleaner ever!


I wish I could tell you that there was some wonderful  way to make this task go by quickly and easily. There are several different ways to clean your blinds, but no matter which you choose, it will undoubtedly take some time. My advice? Listen to some music or an audio book, turn on the tv, do something to distract yourself. Cleaning blinds takes forever. Personally I use cleaning wipes on my blinds twice a year and then I dust them in between deep cleans. I clean them one by one. All 50,000 of them. I also like to do these all at once, and try to make it my first task to get it over with.  Same thing goes with fans if you have them. Get it over with.  If you’re looking for a great podcast, I highly suggest The History Chicks.


My favorite way to clean baseboards is to use used dryer sheets. The sticky dust clings to them and there is no scrubbing. It’s a great job for the kids! For super dirty baseboards, a toothbrush will do the job nicely.

Enlist Help

If you’ve got kids or a significant other, there is no need for you to be doing all the work! Print out the checklist and assign someone a room or two,  or the garage. Definitely delegate the garage.

Free Spring Cleaning Checklist and Bonus Cleaning Tips & Tricks from Collectedmom.com

Download your Spring Cleaning Checklist Here!

Good luck with your Spring Cleaning!


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