With two little monsters kids running around, it’s easy to get behind in housework (and everything else). It’s incredible how quickly my little offspring can turn a clean room into a mess that rivals the destruction path of a tornado!  It’s hard to work on a business, do preschool with my toddler, pick-up and drop-off at school, housework, dinner, bedtime routines, and still have a moment to myself to maintain a measure of sanity. I mean, seriously. I’m so tired at the end of the day!

Being a mom is hard work and I’m convinced that a good routine is the only way to be able to accomplish everything that I need to without going completely crazy.

I’ve tried out many different cleaning schedules and tinkered with a few different routines for my family, but the answer to successful days lies in this one simple step: making my bed.


Yes. It really is that simple. It might sound too easy, but when I make my bed, it automatically sets my day in the right direction. I have found that by having one room that is put together from the start, I feel more productive and it sets off a chain reaction of success for the rest of my day.

And a caffeine infusion doesn’t hurt.

What are your secrets to getting your day off on the right foot? 

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