I’m finally finished with all my baby projects! I decided to make as much as I could this time around. I didn’t know how to sew or have a sewing machine when James was born and ended up paying some ridiculous amounts of money for silly things like boppy covers and bedding sets. I only had to purchase a few yards of fabric for all of this since I had most of it in my stash already. There is something to be said for a good stash of fabric.
 I’m so happy with how everything has turned out and I’m so excited to be ready for the baby!
 The necessities!
 The color is sort of off in this, but I really love how it turned out! Plus it cost me a fraction of what a good quilt would cost at the store.
I love this ruffle crib skirt! I followed this tutorial here for the most part. I decided to save myself a little fabric and tie it to the crib instead of the traditional bed panel.
I made a TON of these nursing pads using this tutorial. I used the color fabric I had because no one sees these anyway. I also made them much larger than the ones I bought last time. They are soft flannel on the bottom and I used cloth diapers for the absorbent part.
 I did a couple makeovers for some older things I was given. The picture doesn’t really show it, but the playmat was filthy and old. It had some sort of plastic or cardboard in it that made it impossible to wash. I had had these cute fabric squares pre-cut and sitting in my stash for years just waiting for a purpose. So glad I finally found one! I lined the back with fleece so it doubles as a blanket when not connected to the poles!
The cover on the swing was plastic and not very comfy looking, so I made a slip cover and got this JJ Cole body pillow from Kid to Kid for only $4!
I got the pillow idea from this pin on pinterest.
Not the best picture, but I used this tutorial here (it’s kinda confusing) to make this super awesome nursing shawl from knit! I love that it covers the back and both sides. I had one of those Udder Covers with James and trying to stay covered in public was quite stressful. Got the fabric at Hobby Lobby for $4!
I followed this tutorial here to make these super cute hats. It didn’t take that much time and I had all the fabric on hand (I never toss t-shirts into the DI pile anymore)
We drove out to Round Rock so we could go to Ikea and get this changing table. We picked up their super cheap changing pad (saved $20 right there!) and I made this cover for it. I wasn’t able to find any tutorials online for Ikea changing pad covers so I just came up with it myself.
I really loved the pottery barn mobile I saw here, but was totally unwilling to pay that sort of money for it. I made my own pattern for this project and am pleased that it turned out looked decent. I decided I didn’t want a mobile that you attach to the crib or have to crank, so I just hung this from the ceiling. It’s constantly moving from normal air flow in the house. Love that.
The crib all put together
Splurged and got the homecoming/newborn picture outfit at Target.
I bought the pattern for these Ruby Lou dolls years ago but never got around to making them. I FINALLY did it! They are so cute and I made all three in a couple of hours (my sister, Rachel, is having a baby girl in March so she’ll be getting one of these in the mail soon).
It feels so good to be done!

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