Every year we herald in the Christmas season with a special North Pole Breakfast. I decorate the table the night before. Snowflake our Christmas elf comes out of hiding , er, flies in from the North Pole. The kids wake up to the smell of bacon and we have a special breakfast. They get a pair of Christmas socks, sometimes a small gift if they’re lucky, and we read our special note from Snowflake. It’s a tradition that everyone looks forward to and gets everyone officially in the Christmas spirit!

Even if you don’t do Elf on the Shelf (and believe me, I don’t blame you if you don’t), a North Pole Breakfast is a fun way to start the Christmas season. In years past we’ve done snowman pancakes, christmas tree waffles, santa pancakes. This year I’m going to be super daring and try reindeer pancakes. Pinterest is my best friend when researching festive breakfast foods!

Today I’m sharing a free download for your very own North Pole Breakfast. The download includes a frame-able PDF print for your table, generic letters from your Elf (with spaces to write Dear Johnny, etc. and your Christmas Elf’s name), and North Pole postage for your letters.

If you would like to share these files, please link back directly to my blog for the download!

Download Your Free North Pole Breakfast Files Here


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