The kids have been sick this week. My two year old has been having such a hard time between teething, a fever, the sniffles, and just being two in general. I was reminded of my first post about Amelia this week (read it here). Back then, I was so overwhelmed with the housework and the crying and had finally come to terms with the fact that it was my season to hold my baby and let go of other things temporarily.

Somehow, I lost track of that. She got older, independent, self-reliant and with her current “I-do-it!” attitude, I forget that she is still a toddler, full of emotions and needs.

She woke up this morning in total misery from her cold.Her high-pitch screams followed me around the house as we tried to get out the door and get James to school. Lately this is nothing new. Being two is hard. I typically try and ignore a percentage of screaming and crying for my own sanity because I know it’s just brain development, and it’s temporary. I’ve done this before. They call it the Terrible Twos for a reason. 

But today, amidst the unreasonable crying and carrying on about not being able to reach the light switches, not being allowed to open James’ lunchbox, getting juice instead of water, not being served breakfast in her princess cup and at minimum, 4,000 other things, she cried out to me, “Mommy, I need you!”

And that’s when I remembered those early weeks with her where all she needed was her mom. So, I stopped what I was doing, scooped her up, and held her while she cried about everything and nothing at the same time. And I promised her that today I would hold her and snuggle her and put her first. 

And I did.

I didn’t clean, watch netflix, or do anything else remotely”productive” (do you like how netflix is lumped in with productivity)?

We came home, put her in her jammies, planted ourselves on the sofa with some blankets and I held her tight as she napped in my arms. She might be two, but she’s still my baby. And today my baby just needed her mommy. 

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Photo courtesy of Katie Heiner Photography

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