You thought this was about Daylight Savings time, didn’t you? As much as I could go on about how much I hate it, and how I wish it would end, and how my two year old probably won’t get a nap in at the right time for the next three weeks, today I actually wanted to talk about time in a different sense. 

If you could redo one moment in your life, what would it be? How would it change who you are now?

I think we all have regrets. I think we all wish that we could have a do-over in at least one area of our lives.

Of course I could rattle off regrets. Student debt, how I dealt with my depression as a young adult, not finishing dental assisting school, never sticking up for myself, how I broke up with boys, last words spoken to people without realizing they were the last words I’d ever say to them. The list could go on, and on, and on.

However, much like every time-travel flick ever made, any changes made in my path would undoubtedly result in a huge chain reaction of events that would change everything. Certainly some things would’ve been easier, but every single one of my past choices has led me to where I am today. Every mistake and hardship endured taught me a lesson. I love my life. I love where I am. I’m sorry for the people I may have hurt along the way and truly I wish that I had had the knowledge that I have now back when I really could’ve used it. But ultimately, don’t think I would change a thing. Even my mistakes are part of who I am and part of who I will be. I wouldn’t change anything.

What about you? Would you go back in time to change a moment in your life?

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