Christmas was always magical when I was growing up. My parents would pin up a sheet on Christmas Eve separating the hallway and bedrooms from the living room where the tree was. We would all wake up during the night of Christmas Eve under the guise of using the bathroom and sneak a peek through the sheet, but on Christmas morning we were lined up (there were 7 of us) and we waited until the camera was set up and everyone had gone to the bathroom before the big reveal. When that sheet came down we were always greeted by the most epic of Christmases. It was huge. I mean, there were seven kids so of course it was huge. Now, I recognize that this isn’t for everyone. I know a lot of people proudly put the focus on minimalism and that’s great! I wish I was you! I’m not trying to debate which kind of Christmas is better, because I think they’re both great. 

But for those of you who love over-the-top Christmases, I want to share with you my secret to a huge looking Christmas without spending any extra money. My secret? Boxes. Lots and lots of boxes of all different sizes.


I order most of Christmas off of amazon and I keep every box starting in the summer. Suddenly a smaller gift quadruples (at least!) in size! It’s a super simple trick that is extremely effective for gifts like books, DVD’s, etc. I love re-purposing shipping boxes because they’re free and after the labels and tape are pulled off, are void of any clues as to what the gift is (and less confusing for believers who might not understand why Santa wrapped a movie in an old cereal box). 

What about you, what are your secrets to making Christmas magical?

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