Today I’m going to share with you how I make homemade uncrustables, for a fraction of the cost! Because James is very picky with his lunchbox, my weekly food prep sessions include whipping up a bagful of peanut butter sandwiches for my freezer. Sometimes he’s adventurous and lets me change the flavor of the jam or even requests honey! Such a little daredevil. 

How to make homemade crustless freezer sandwiches for a fraction of the cost! from

There are some pretty fancy crustless sandwich makers out there if you plan on making many of these and want it to be easy and effective, however, I prefer to use what I have on hand. 

There are three ways that I’ve made these sandwiches. But each way starts the same. Spread some pb&j on the bread, avoiding the edges like so:

IMG_1694 (2)

Now it’s decision time! Which method will you use? Cookie cutter? Scissors? Peanut butter jar lid?


It depends on what results you’re looking for. Cookie cutters don’t create a perfect seal, but hold up decently in a lunch box and can make lunchtime a fun surprise! 


On the other hand, scissors are quicker and create about the same amount of seal. I’ll admit though, this is my most-used method for freezer sandwiches. A trimmed sandwich fits perfectly into James’ square bento container and this method requires the least amount of work.

However, if you’re not looking for the easy way out, and really want a good-and-sealed freezer sandwich, look no further than your peanut butter lid.


Seal each side of the sandwich by pressing and rolling the lid as you go.

When you’re done, your sandwich edges should look like this.


Now just trim off the crust and you have a perfectly sealed freezer sandwich. 

After you’ve made a few, just stack them neatly in a freezer bag and freeze! My teething toddler is a huge fan of freezer sandwiches, too. I cut hers in half prior to freezing to eliminate waste. I’m pretty sure she thinks that sandwiches come from the freezer.




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