Looking for some frugal fun in the San Antonio, Texas area? Relocating? Look no further! Here is my roundup of our absolute favorite things in San Antonio!

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Favorite Food

  • Chachos
    Drive thru mexican food of every kind. Fantastic breakfast burritos!
  • Chuy’s
    If you’ve never had Tex-Mex before, Chuy’s is a great place to get a taste of it! It has a tendency to get really crowded around dinner time, so you’ll want to get there early if you don’t want to wait. AMAZING food.
  • Freddy’s
    A lot of states have Freddy’s, so maybe this isn’t something new to you. But Freddy’s is amazing so I thought it should be mentioned here. Steak burgers and custard with a drive-thru!
  • Henry’s Puffy Tacos
    It might sound odd, but this place has some pretty darn good food for a more reasonable price than Mamacitas. It’s a casual sit down and if you’ve never had a puffy taco, well, you should try one!
  • Mamacitas
    There are a few different Mexican places touting the Mamacitas name, but you want to go to the one off IH 10. It’s got a Davy Crockett animatronic that plays a fiddle, and the whole place is done up like an old Spanish Mission with lights, fountains, and live entertainment. You’ll definitely want to take the kids here if you’re looking for good food and awesome environment! You really can’t beat the ambiance of this place.
  • Rudy’s BBQ
    You can’t go to Texas without trying Rudy’s. There are a bunch of new locations, but the original is the most authentic experience. This place has been featured on food network and lives up to the hype of “gas station barbecue.”


  • Braundera YMCA This YMCA is adjacent to O.P. Schnabel Park. Even if you can’t afford the monthly family membership, the park and trails in this area are great! In all the places that we’ve lived, Texas by far has the best parks.
  • The Alamo & Riverwalk
    While you’ll have to fork out some cash for parking, walking the Alamo and nearby Riverwalk are free! Beware that this area is downtown and the Riverwalk isn’t the most stroller-friendly and has no railing along the river (there are stairs). So you’ll want to make sure you’re watching your kids carefully.
  • Bu-cee’s
    Take a short ride out to New Braunfels and visit the greatest gas station store you’ve ever been to. It sounds like a weird trip, but trust me on this one. Bu-cee’s boasts a huge variety of snacks, drinks, and original sandwiches (among a million other things) for all meals of the day. And they have cheap gas, too.
  • McKenna Kids Museum
    After you go to Bu-cee’s, stop by this fantastic children’s museum in New Braunfels. This is a very new and shiny and amazing place (trust me, I’ve been to a lot). While you can’t bring food in to the museum itself, you can pack a lunch and bring it to the little tables just outside the entrance (this is indoors, and there is a little cafe there, too). You can frequently find deals on groupon for a very reasonable rate. I HIGHLY recommend this museum!

Parks & Libraries

San Antonio has TONS of great parks. All the libraries have parks nearby. We loved the John Igo, Parman, and Landa Libraries best. John Igo Library was built on a ranch and features a great park that includes an outdoor workout station for parents while the kids play (or just go by yourself for a free workout!).
Landa Library is another favorite. It is housed by an old estate and is so much fun to roam the old mansion house. It features original hardware, floors, and pretty much everything! The on-site park is top-notch and has lots of shade. Check out their events, too!

SA Zoo
If you download the SA app on your phone, you can get a decent little deal on tickets. If you are planning to go on a free day or during Spring Break, you will need to be in line before the zoo even opens. It’s insane. BUT, that being said, this is a great little zoo. It isn’t too big and has some decent food options. Download the SAVE app here to get coupons and deals to San Antonio attractions.

Witte Museum
This museum gives a good history of Texas and has bonus exhibits (when we were there they had a mummy exhibit that was pretty cool!). In addition, there is a free day every week! Come a bit early so you can park easily.

And let’s not forget that San Antonio also has Sea World, Six Flags, and Peter Piper Pizza.


  • Bass Pro Shops
    San Antonio’s Bass Pro Shops is the biggest in the nation! It was the first Bass Pro I’d ever been to so when I visited a different store in California, I was very disappointed! Check their event calendar for free family activity days, Santa visits, and other fun. All their activities are free, but some do require registration so you’ll want to keep an eye out.
  • HEB Plus
    All HEB stores are pretty awesome, but the HEB Plus is spectacular. It’s worth the drive to visit this store. I’ve never seen a produce selection like this anywhere else, ever. It’s amazing.
  • North Star Mall
    This mall is really huge, as the giant cowboy boot at the entrance would suggest.
  • The Shops at La Cantera & The Rim
    I love this outdoor mall. It features lots of high-end stores, a play area, and makes for a fun afternoon out. Pack a lunch or buy one (Freddy’s is nearby). 
  • Tanger Outlets and San Marcos Premium OutletsTWO different outlet malls right next to each other. It’s twice the fun, double the stores. What’s not to love? You’ll have to drive out to San Marcos, but it’s a fun day trip and totally worth it.


I realize that not everyone will live in the same area that we did, and I certainly didn’t visit all the hospitals that San Antonio has to offer, but I can tell you about some great healthcare in the Medical Center area. Obviously, you want to check with your insurance before making a choice, but here were my favorites:

Brand new state of the art University Hospital (my husband helped build this!). But if you’re looking for the best maternity care, you want to go to Methodist (see below). I have never had such a great experience having a baby. It was like a mom vacation!

Seven Oaks Women’s Center is amazing. There really aren’t enough great things to say. I had started out going to a University hospital provider, but several girls I knew recommended that I switch to Seven Oaks so I did I never looked back! 

Farmer’s Markets & CSA’s

While you’ll get a huge selection of produce at your local HEB, I have a special place in my heart for farmer’s markets and community sustainable agriculture (CSA). There are MANY farmer’s markets in San Antonio. A quick google search will find you the one closest to you!

Bountiful Baskets has drop-off locations all over San Antonio! Check out the locations page on the Bountiful Baskets website for more info! 

More for Moms

Be sure to check out the San Antonio Mom Blog for lots of great info for moms in the area!

What are your favorite things in San Antonio?

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