voting day 2016

It’s finally here; one of the most highly anticipated Election Days ever!

Over the last several months we’ve all watched the debates, read the news, picked a candidate (or two, or three!) to love, donated money in exchange for bumper stickers, picked a candidate (or two, or three!) to hate, witnessed friends pull each other apart on facebook, heard the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. It’s been a roller coaster ride. And while everyone has strong opinions one way or the other, I am still in love with America, even if I’m not loving my choices. 

This year particularly excites me because we have women on our ballot again. Not just one, but at least two depending on what state you live in! Love them or hate them, this is incredible! It’s only been 96 years since women could even vote, and now one is in the front-running for the highest office in America. You don’t have to like them to appreciate the significance of this!  I’m proud to do my part and take advantage of the great privilege of voting. Just a few generations ago it was unthinkable, and today I was able to walk with my little girl to our polling place and cast my vote. It was something I was so very happy to share with her and something that I never want to take for granted, regardless of whether or not I love the candidates. 


Some of the things I voted for/against might happen, and some might not. The people I voted for might become elected officials, and they might not. No matter what happens, I know that the country will persevere as it always has and I sincerely hope that we can work together to make progress and create a better future for our children, regardless of who is elected. I think ultimately that’s what everyone wants. We just need to work together to make it happen! 

Want to learn more about women running for president? 

My absolute favorite podcast is The History Chicks and they’ve been posting episodes of all the women who have previously run for president! Please go check them out here (starting with episode 76). I promise, you won’t regret it!

And for even more fun facts, check out Huffington Post’s history of women who ran for president!

Happy voting today! 

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