A few years ago, I decided that I really wanted our family to have a mission statement. It wasn’t so easy to come up with though! After trying to find examples of what other people had done, I finally came up with a mission statement that we are all happy with. Here is a quick guide on how to create a meaningful family mission statement:

Start with Your End Goal

Our family mission statement begins with our ultimate family goal: To achieve our eternal potential as individuals & family members by…

Make a list of qualities that will help you get there

This list should be of things that are important to your family and represent the focus of what you want your lives to represent. Your list might include things like:

  • working together
  • living healthy lives
  • pursuing life-long education
  • fulfilling our roles in the family
  • treating others with kindness
  • remembering our heritage

Make sure to include the family members when deciding what the focus should be!

Make a list of what the family will gain from observing the qualities list

This list should include the benefits of observing the focus list and of why your list will help you meet your goal

For instance:

  • attain happiness
  • experience joy
  • become more grateful
  • become more like our savior

Wrap it up

End your mission statement with a conclusion, followed by the second list.

For instance, “As we do these things we will create a refuge where we can: [insert list here].

For reference, I’ve included a copy of our family mission statement for you to get some inspiration from!

How to write a family mission statement from JoyfulJourneyings.com

Have you ever created a family mission statement? 

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