Black Friday Tips & Tricks
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I love Black Friday! I grew up going shopping on Thanksgiving, back when the only store open was K-Mart. We would always go buy lights and decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a tradition that has stuck with me. Over the years I’ve done a ton of Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping with my sisters. If you’re new to Black Friday shopping, have no fear! 

Here are my top 5 tips & tricks to come out on top on Black Friday:

Know the Market

First things first, you need to do some price checking. Just because an item is in a Black Friday ad does not mean that it’s a deal. Many times, regularly priced items are thrown into ads to get rid of the merchandise at regular cost. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve price checked ads only to find that I could purchase the same item for less on amazon right then. If you’re on a budget and out to snag some deals, you don’t want to blow it on stuff that isn’t actually on sale.

Look at Leaked Ads in Advance

Black Friday ads are typically leaked weeks in advance online. and are two great sources of leaked ads. Nowadays, stores like Target and Walmart actually release their ads online early to attract more shoppers. Many times, people who wait until the day of Thanksgiving to look at the ads don’t have enough time to price check and make a solid plan for their shopping and so they end up spending way more than they need to.

Make a Plan

Make a list of all the items that interest you from each of the ads, and prioritize which stores to hit up first. If I am unfamiliar with a store (which happens to me a lot since we move quite frequently), I will typically visit the store before Black Friday just to get the layout.

Arrive Early

You won’t get the best deals if you aren’t in line when the store opens. Those $5 crock pots will be gone if you stroll in 30 minutes after the store opens. Make sure you’re prepared for the weather and are wearing comfortable clothing. Bring a hot drink to hold in your hands as you wait to keep your fingers from freezing and warm you up from the inside!

Online Shopping

Many retailers now include most or all of their sales on their website as well. Oftentimes, I can completely skip a trip to the store and do some Black Friday shopping while the turkey is in the oven! There are many advantages to online shopping if you don’t like the crowds. Of course, there are some door busters and deals that you might miss out on, but if those free mini snow globes don’t appeal to you, you can still get some killer deals on Black Friday!

Do you shop on Black Friday? What would you add to the list?

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