I love binge-watching shows on Netflix. Probably more than I should, but hey, we all have our guilty pleasures, right? And so for Favorite Things Friday I’m sharing my top 5 binge-worthy shows on Netflix! 

gilmoregirlsGilmore Girls. With the revival just around the corner, Stars Hollow is a cozy place to cuddle up with a warm blanket and a large stash of junk food. It’s really hard for me to stick to counting calories when I’m watching this show, but it’s worth the struggle!


Vampire Diaries. Because Halloween is right around the corner. And because Damon Salvatore wins the most binge-worthy character of all time award. 


Stranger Things. This is a pretty engaging show! Have you seen it yet? If you haven’t, you should add it to your queue! I can’t watch this one alone, at night.  



The Blacklist. Ok, we are three seasons into this show and I still have no idea what’s going on (seriously, I drive my husband INSANE asking him “what’s going on now?” every 2 minutes), but it’s got me completely hooked! And speaking of Hook…


Once Upon a Time. Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? Or Captain Hook? I love Once! It’s one of those shows that falls into the guilty pleasure category because it can be pretty cheesy, but I like cheese. I like cheese a lot.

What are your favorite binge-worthy shows?

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