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Can you believe that summer is almost over (and IS over for some already)? I feel like summer gets shorter and shorter every year!  We’ve had a wonderful summer filled with travel, the ocean, and so much swimming that we all smell like chlorine and sunscreen at any given time. 

But all good things must come to an end, and so we have been preparing ourselves for getting back to school. My oldest will be headed to 2nd Grade and I’ll be using the Motessori method at home with my toddler. I’m excited to get back to my routine and I’m desperately hoping that nap time will resume as usual once our schedule is re-established (crossing my fingers)!

My top 5 Back-to-School favorites:

Back-to-School Feast

I remember when I first read about Stephanie Nielson’s back-to-school feasts. I didn’t have kids yet, but I knew that I’d adopt the same tradition someday. This will be our 3rd feast and I’m so excited! It’s so much fun planning this special event and it’s something that both kids are really looking forward to this year.  Stephanie has the most beautiful photos of her feasts over on her blog, NieNieDialogues.

Each year the kids get crowns (to remember who they are: sons and daughters of a king), and we introduce a family theme. (In the past our themes have been Kindness Begins with Me & Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough. Stay tuned for this year’s post). We adopt these themes for the school year and try to apply them to every day life. It wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful theme star from Kurt Knudsen’s Shop. To top it off we have a special meal and the kids get special blessings from their dad. It’s such a wonderful tradition and it always gets us off on the right foot!

Photo Credit: Kurt Knudsen


Pottery Barn Backpacks

I love these backpacks. They aren’t cheap, but they are very high quality, super durable, and have some of the coolest designs ever. We were able to score these for a great deal with coupon codes this year. 


New Teacher Gifts

There are so many great ideas out there, but I love this idea and free printable from The Suburban Mom. It never hurts to get on the teacher’s good side on day one, right?


Back-to-School Signs

I love this tradition! I think it’s so fun to be able to see how their interests change and develop each year! Get your custom back-to-school sign for a great deal over at Joyful Design Studio!



101 School Lunch Ideas

I really needed this list from the Dating Divas! My son is pretty picky. He’s so picky that every day he wants the same thing: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a fruit snack. That’s it. I’ve added other things, but they always come back untouched. This year I’ve told him that he needs to expand his horizons and he actually got excited about some of these!


I’d love to know what your favorite back to school traditions are!

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