I don’t remember ever really doing anything for St. Patrick’s Day when I was growing up (other than trying to pinch people). But, I married a guy from primarily Scottish and Irish descent so St. Patrick’s day is highly celebrated in our household. The kids got new green outfits and we made a traditional Irish feast and my favorite lime pie cakes for dessert. 

Family heritage is important to us. In fact, we take it so seriously that we even included it in our Family Mission Statement. Because of this, we talk about our family heritage a lot with our kids. We talked a bit about Irish history and where their ancestors lived, and the history of St. Patrick’s Day. 

I got the recipe for Irish Soda Bread from allrecipes.com and it turned out great! The kids loved it!

Head over to pinksuedeshoe to get the recipe! http://pinksuedeshoe.com/2011/07/20/lime-pie-cakes/

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