24 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas from CollectedMom.comSnowflake the elf visits us every year. He arrives with a note and leaves with a note, and he’s very much a part of our Christmas traditions. I know a lot of people hate the elf, and we don’t really stick to the “rules.” In our house, the rule is that whoever found him gets to put him in their stocking where he will wait all day before his trip back to the North Pole and his next round of shenanigans. We don’t stress the whole, “if you’re naughty you won’t get presents” bit, but just focus on loving each other and having fun discovering what Snowflake is up to!  Without fail, every year my husband and I need some quick and easy options for when the kids go to bed late, or we are just too tired to come up with something awesome.

So here are 25, quick, easy, no-brainer ideas for your sneaky little elf:

  1. Arriving with a note from Santa
  2. Drawing mustaches on framed pictures with dry erase markers
  3. Making a mess with toothpaste trying to brush teeth
  4. Making snow angels in flour, sugar, salt, marshmallows, etc.
  5. Hiding in the nativity scene
  6. Reading a book
  7. Hiding out with the stuffed animals/toys
  8. TP the Christmas tree
  9. Cover a room in post it notes
  10. Bringing a treat for the kids
  11. Taking a picture with a camera
  12. Hanging from the chandelier 
  13. Drawing a picture
  14. Wrapping a present
  15. Trapped in the fridge sneaking some food
  16. Hiding in the Christmas tree
  17. Watching a movie with some popcorn
  18. Riding on a toy or Christmas decor (think cars, horses, reindeer, sleighs, etc)
  19. Sleeping on the sofa
  20. Playing on a device (ipad, iphone, computer, etc)
  21. Writing a message on the mirror with dry erase marker
  22. Hiding in a stocking
  23. Eating a bowl of cereal
  24. Leaving a goodbye note

What are you favorite Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans? 

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