As I’m finally starting to put my blog out there, I figure it’s time to share a bit about myself! So here are 20 facts about me that you probably didn’t know:

  1. I grew up in a very rural part of Southern California (Aguanga). There was a post office and a couple of stop signs. That was it.
  2. I’m the oldest of 7 kids in my family and all of our names start with “R.”
  3. I love playing piano, but haven’t played for over a year now! My poor piano is in storage. Every time I see a piano I get kind of sad knowing I’ve lost a lot of skill in the last year.
  4. Italian food is my absolute favorite. I don’t like beef or any meat or fish that hasn’t been cooked to 160 degrees (I’m looking at you, sushi!).
  5. I went to dental assisting school when I was 17, but after taking a few college courses I decided that I wanted to go to college. I got my Associate’s Degrees in Music and Humanities and then I went to BYU to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree where I majored in American Studies. I absolutely loved it! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
  6. I love old movies. Fred Astaire and Cary Grant are my top two favorites!
  7. I have dealt with infertility issues and miscarriage. I feel like it’s made me that much more grateful for my kids.
  8. I met my husband in college and he was in the friend zone for a really long time. When we finally talked about dating, we just decided to get married because we already knew each other so well!
  9. When we first got married we lived in the basement of a mortuary where I cleaned in exchange for rent.
  10. I have a serious sweet tooth and it’s basically a constant battle to NOT eat candy. 
  11. My husband works for a company that moves us around a lot. 
  12. I love history and archaeology. I love to visit historic places and landmarks and learn all about them.
  13. I’m a major introvert until I get to know people (which takes me, like, a year). It’s been a difficult personality type to have with all the moving around that we do.
  14. I love the ocean, lighthouses, dolphins, and everything nautical. I love living close to the ocean!
  15. I taught myself to sew after I got married and I love sewing, but after every project I usually need to take a break because I wear myself out. 
  16. I’m somewhat of a clean freak. I spend a good majority of my time cleaning up messes.
  17. I didn’t know how to cook more than a couple of things before I got married.
  18. I love reading fluffy YA novels and then chatting about them with my sisters.
  19. Target is my happy place.
  20. I’m a family history buff and am in the process of joining the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

So there you have it! 20 things about me that you probably didn’t know! 

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