15 Spring Break Boredom Busters from Collectedmom.com

Looking for some fun, inexpensive things to do during spring break? Here is my list of 15 Spring Break Boredom-Busters!

  1. Visit a local park and let them play until you think they’ll take naps when you get home (win-win!)
  2. Plant some seeds and watch them sprout
  3. Build a blanket fort
  4. Make a fancy dinner and eat by candlelight 
  5. Make a picnic lunch and eat it outdoors
  6. Find a craft on pinterest and make it together
  7. Go for a nature hike, walk, or bike ride 
  8. Pop popcorn and set up a movie night with extended bedtime passes
  9. Make personal pizzas 
  10. Attend a storytime at your local library and take home lots of books to read
  11. Have a game night and play some board games together
  12. Make cookies from scratch, let the kids do it (even if it makes a mess)
  13. Play with play-doh. Bring out cookie cutters and rolling pins. Have a sculpture contest.
  14. Make root beer floats and rent a redbox (free codes can be found on pinterest!)
  15. Go to the beach or a lake (if you’re lucky enough to live near water)

What are your favorite things to do during Spring Break?

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